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Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Most Conservative US News Channels

The United States is fortunate to have so many reliable news outlets available. Constantly streaming news networks such as CNN keep people abreast on a number of domestic and international issues. However, many people from the right think every news outlet is a corrupt tool of the Democratic Party, but a closer examination reveals the conservatives have a host of media outlets to broadcast their message. If you say the term conservative news, people will automatically think of FOX News. This is because the people at this network convince their constituents that they’re the only non-liberal media source. However, local news stations across the country have to attract the viewers who live within their broadcast range. Therefore, a very conservative town will have very conservative news coverage, with anchors who tend to side with the right. Editors at these stations will give stories concerning a conservative base preference over stories that don’t. This practice isn’t politically motivated; it’s simply a viable business strategy to attract more viewers for higher ratings. This ploy has led some of the local stations across America to become propaganda machines for the right wing and three of the most conservative are listed below.

#3 KRDO Colorado Springs Colorado

Colorado has long been one of the more conservative states in the union, and its ABC affiliate KRDO caters to this group. While no network on television is as overtly conservative as FOX News, KRDO still caters to a middle class group of isolated white men and women. One of their recent, top stories was of neighbors working together to save their golf course when it closed. Stories like these are regularly broadcast on KRDO to appeal to the extremely conservative audience. This station is also more likely to put a negative spin on something the democrats are planning to do. Meanwhile, everything the republicans do is shown as innovative thinking. There are a plethora of local news outlets in Colorado Springs and they all compete for the same eyes. Getting the highest ratings means attracting the most viewers which means giving the conservatives what they want to see.

#2 KUTV Provo, Utah

You may have never heard of Provo, Utah, and the people who reside there like it that way. Provo was recently voted the most liberal city in the United States, and the CBS affiliate caters to this demand. The news in Provo is surprisingly political, and KUTV is given many golden opportunities to score a few points for the Republican Party on a nightly basis. Stories about the state’s decision to pass a bill which banned same sex marriage draw a lot of homophobic, conservative viewers. In fact, a rally was held for Utah attorney general, Sean Reyes, when they returned from Denver where they defended their controversial decision. In a more liberal city, stories of same sex marriage being approved would be the big draw, but not in Provo, Utah.

#1 KTXS Abilene, Texas

Texas is probably the Reddest place in the nation, and three of the five most conservative cities are found within the Lone Star State. KTXS attracts viewers in the Abilene area by spinning stories from a right wing perspective. This HD news channel is like the others on the list, because it has to cater to a very conservative viewing audience. However, being right in the heart of Texas makes KTXS have to lean a little more to the right than the others. This is the heart of cattle country, isolated from the melting pot effect of metropolis cities. The agricultural mentality combined with isolation from diversity makes central Texas one of the most conservative places in America and the KTXS news station which broadcasts to them appeals to this way of thinking. This is why the Lone Star State is home to the most conservative news organization in America, (besides FOX news).

People in Major cities tend to be more liberal. However, there are a lot of small towns filled with people who swear by the conservative agenda. The myth that every news organization beside FOX News serves the left is just that: a myth. There are hundreds of small media outlets all over the country telling their republican viewers whatever they need to get better ratings . The political climate of a particular town or county will dictate the type of media coverage certain stories receive, and the right has just as much influence in the media as the left.