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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Doomsday Preppers

Doomsday Preppers is a reality TV show featured on National Geographic. It highlights the lives of Americans who are getting ready for doomsday. Their main objective is to be prepared for potential disasters. These people believe that the world is about to end. They are afraid of the apocalypse. Their beliefs about the impending end of the world vary from one household to another. These beliefs are based on certain signs such as a rise in inflation and natural disasters, which other people do not pay too much attention to. One of the most interesting aspects about these individuals is that they stock up on weapons and gold.

Each episode of the show features several preppers. They have an opportunity to give an account of ways that the world will end. The preppers explain how they are getting ready to survive several situations. Some of the situations that they prepare for include pandemics, terrorist attacks, fuel shortages, economic collapse, nuclear accidents, and war. NatGeo explores each scenario offered by the preppers and whether it can actually happen. Small boxes appear on the screen, disputing some of the claims the preppers make as they offer possible apocalypse scenarios. It is easy for the audience to dismiss the claims made when these contradictions appear. This may seem mean but it is one of the things that keep the audience eager for each show.

The initial casting started in September 2011 for the first season. The second season started in April 2012 and the show premiered for its third season in October 2013. Each season has 23 episodes. An episode runs for 44 minutes.

There are varying views about Doomsday Preppers. Some consider it a show of excesses while others believe it ridicules the preppers. In spite of these negative views, it has got good ratings. The audience is mostly male. Male viewers make up about 60% of the audience. The average age of the male viewers is 44 years old. According to the National Geographic Channel, this is one of their highest rated shows in the channel’s history.

In the show’s pilot episode, the audience gets to see a family that has set up a food manufacture system in their backyard. The family prepares for economy collapse by becoming independent. They engage in urban farming and take advantage of alternative fuels that will sustain them if the conventional energy sources are not available.

The first season also highlights a family that has perfected jungle survival skills to keep themselves alive in case of natural disasters. One of the preppers has put in place a plan that will make it possible for her to get away from the country in case oil exports are cut off.

Some preppers prepare for a major electrical failure while others take their love for gourmet foods to another level by stocking up on large amounts as they prepare for a financial disaster. The preppers are not safe from hazards and the audience gets to see this when one of them gets injured as he tries to practice using a firearm during the show.

Season Two

In the second season of the show, a prepper is getting ready for potential terrorist attacks on the country’s nuclear plants. The audience gets a chance to see how the preppers prepare for emergency evacuations in this kind of scenario.

Preppers vary in age and during this season; the audience gets to see a teenager who has been prepping since he was 11. He is preparing for a financial disaster.

Another interesting aspect about the show is that it reveals the varying backgrounds of the preppers. Some of them are professionals who you would expect to have a different view of the world. It features a former law enforcement officer, scientist, musician, and radio host.

Season 3

In the third season of Doomsday Preppers, one of the cast members is arrested because he described his intention to commit a crime. This is an interesting aspect because they have very different views about the world compared to the rest of society but they are not free of the system they want to protect themselves against.

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This is a captivating show that gives the audience a close look into the lives of the preppers. However, the show producers seem to go out of their effort to mock the cast members by making their claims appear outrageous.