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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Immigration News

Immigration controversy has been a constant theme of the Obama presidency, with many Americans worried that the president’s liberal policies in this area will bring about catastrophic changes in American society. Those worries are now coming very close to home with news over the last week that Obama plans a wide-reaching amnesty for illegal immigrants – and is willing to resort to an executive order if Congress tries to intervene.
Obama’s latest idea is to grant “deferred action” – basically an indefinite freeze on deportation procedures – to any illegal immigrant who came to the USA as a child. The same privilege will be handed to parents of US citizens, permanent legal residents and a whole raft of other categories. The immediate result will be freedom to remain for at least 5 million people, but the longer term impact is likely to be a lot more serious.
Veteran conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly told World Net News last week she believes there’s a very sinister motivation behind the White House proposals. Most illegal immigrants, if they’re eventually given US citizenship and the right to vote, will give their support to the party that let them in – the Democrats. It’s gerrymandering on a national scale and the numbers involved are enough to change the balance of political power forever. The media hasn’t missed the fact that this plan is going forward despite the nation having soundly rejected Obama’s policies in this month’s elections. It’s a worrying tactic – if the voters don’t support you just import a bunch of new ones who will. This has a lot of people very worried.
If Obama moves ahead with an executive order there’s little Congress can directly do to stop him, so leading conservative figures are now urging the House and Senate leadership to take more rigorous action in the event the amnesty is forced through. Richard Viguerie has called on Republicans to withhold part of the government’s funding unless the will of the people is respected and suggests that a government shutdown would be another appropriate response. He has also predicted widespread public discontent if this administration flouts democracy so blatantly, and he’s very likely right.
The issue is that as sitting president, Obama has the power to push this law through if he chooses, but any veneer of popular support for it vanished with the GOP’s electoral victory two weeks ago. It’s very clear that the American people have lost patience with the Democrats and their soft line on border violations. Unfortunately if the president is unscrupulous enough he can get his way even in the face of unified opposition from both houses and the American people themselves; from what’s being said right now it seems like Obama is at least contemplating that. The danger is that unlike many acts of political spite this one could have consequences that can’t be so easily reversed. A conservative president might be able to overturn a deportation freeze, but what about any illegals who’ve managed to get American citizenship before that happens? Democracy means doing what the American people want, not creating a new “American people” that supports what you plan to do.