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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Israel Flight Ban. What Next?

It’s been obvious since his first day in office that Barack Hussein Obama has a disturbing degree of sympathy for Muslims and Islam, but that’s really shown up this week. Right now the USA’s only real ally in the Middle East, Israel, is fighting back against an attack by the terrorist organization Hamas. In the past, whenever Israel has been threatened by groups bent on a new Holocaust, America has been ready and willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. That’s not what’s happening now.

It’s easy to criticize Israel from a safe apartment in California, but how would you feel if your community was being bombarded on a daily basis with deadly, indiscriminate rockets? Think you might want the government to do something about it? Well that’s the reality of life for most Israelis. Hamas have massive stockpiles of Katyusha rockets and longer ranged missiles and they like nothing more than to fire a salvo of them at an Israeli town. Israel’s response has been a purely defensive one – the revolutionary Iron Dome antimissile system. This state of the art weapon has an amazing success rate in defeating jihadi attacks on Israel. In fact the best Hamas could do when they tried to attack Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday was to have the shattered wreck of their missile hit the ground a mile away.

So given that Iron Dome has rendered Hamas’s most favored weapon impotent, how did the current administration react? Let’s just say it didn’t live up to the finest traditions of US support for Israel. Instead the FAA, probably under pressure from the White House, slapped a ban on any US-flag carrier running a service to Israel. It didn’t last long; on Wednesday Senator Ted Cruz bluntly accused the Obama administration of imposing an economic boycott on Israel. It’s a coincidence that a few hours later the FAA hastily lifted the ban, right? It must be. The alternative is that the government realized it had been caught launching an underhanded attack on a valued ally, and tried to back away from its actions. And that just can’t be true.

The fact is, Israel is a tough country that’s survived much worse threats than an FAA blockade. A ban on US flights into Ben Gurion was a nuisance, but the amount of real damage it could do was seriously limited. The embattled Jewish state has its own flag carrier, El Al, and they’re not so easily stopped from flying into Tel Aviv; their aircraft all carry military-grade antimissile defenses that are better than plenty of USAF bombers have. Even European airlines were still willing to land at Ben Gurion; Europe isn’t generally supportive of Israel but their carriers think the risk is worth the money, which is what they’re mostly interested in. Anyone from the USA who wanted to get to Israel simply had to fly to London or Paris then hop on a European flight.

So it’s not the economic aspect of the FAA ban that mattered; it’s the message it sends. Obama is telling Israel “We’re not standing by you anymore.” The ban has been lifted and US flights are back on schedule, but we can be sure the government in Jerusalem won’t soon forget our unforgivable betrayal. Israel – and America – deserve better than this.