Liberal Media Exposed

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Is The Media Becoming More Liberal

Let the Republican Party tell it, there are no Conservative news channels with the exception of FOX NEWS. However, most news outlets, such as 60 Minutes, and the NBC Nightly News, give both parties equal coverage. The outcry is typically from the extreme right who are upset to see their antiquated culture being rejected by their more liberal children and grand children. Perhaps the issue is not with the media but rather with the agenda of radical conservatives. Major news outlets only have one agenda, and that’s securing higher ratings. Therefore, the stories covered in the media are dictated by the country’s political climate and not the other way around. When people want change, they’re more prone to follow the Democratic Party. If the liberals are getting more attention, it’s caused by the overwhelming demand for change, and equal rights for all people.

The two previous presidential elections show a disturbing trend for the conservatives. Younger people have become more liberal than ever, and the media is forced to do the same to attract viewers. The decline of the radical, conservative presence has more to do with their stances on realistic issues than a conspiracy. This is the reason the far right has even distanced themselves from the Republican Party and formed The Tea Party. These are the people who complain the loudest that they’re perspective isn’t represented in the media. However, in a majority rule society, their agenda is properly represented. They have become a stark minority, and even in the Republican Party disagree with many of their beliefs. Therefore, there are few channels willing to show the type of rhetoric they want to see on television.

If there was a show on television about a scientist completely mapping the human genome, it would be a ratings bonanza. Someone with no diploma saying science and evolution are wrong would garner far less attention. However, those in the extreme right would say the scientist got more news coverage because he has a liberal agenda. Since most opponents of the theory of evolution are conservative, they would say the media is controlled by the liberals. The same thing is true for the global warming issue. It’s easy to see that extraordinary hurricanes which used to strike every 50 years now strike every few years. Storms like Katrina and Sandy used to happen once a lifetime, but the republicans say the green house gasses caused by fossil fuel have no effect on climate. Science and reality say one thing, the conservatives say another. It’s the right of every American to disagree with science if he or she chooses, but the scientists will get more coverage because they get better ratings.

The Tea Party and the far right are their own worst enemies, because they’ve created a third party in a bipartisan government. This mistake was never more evident than the government shut down of 2013. Most Americans were opposed to the move, but the far right went ahead with it anyway. They say the tactic failed because there are no conservative US news channels to promote their cause, but the claim is asinine. The fact that more than 80% of Americans were opposed to the move dictated the spin the media put on the story. Some elderly widow who didn’t get her check on time isn’t going to watch news coverage if the anchor people talk about the shut down in a positive light.

The liberals may get media coverage because they stand for change, and that’s what the majority of people want. The conservatives oppose same sex marriage, but the majority of Americans are for the idea. NBA player, Jason Collins, admitting he’s gay will get far more attention than a homophobic sermon denouncing gay marriage. If a conservative reporter was to come out publicly and admonish Jason Collins, the public backlash would force that person to retire. Any corporation that advertised with the network would be boycotted until their stock was worthless. The reporter may be opposed to homosexuality, but he’d better pretend to be happy for Mr. Collins if he values his career. This is the voice of America’s youth, demanding change and listening to reason and not rhetoric. There’s no conspiracy to promote the liberals, they just have a stronger game plan. They put science and information before customs and tradition while the conservatives can’t even agree to be a part of the same party. The move towards a more liberal news presence is dictated by the will of the people and not a conspiracy to silence the right wing.