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Thursday, November 21, 2019

How the US News Media Has Changed Over the Years

The world is a constant mass of evolving events. The media- being one of such events is also constantly evolving from the olden forms of news coverage and getting into the super digital era where you will have news as they happen. As generations have come and gone, growing more tech savvy than the previous, this has led to the media developing some better form and ways to access news such as use of television sets, newspapers and mobile devices. Moreover, today you can access news over the internet, a feature that is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the media industry.

Do you how much your life revolves around the news media and media in general? Do you know how much the information coming from the media houses helps you live? Media plays a very central role in the welfare of all and sundry. You are able to get news as they happen- a feature that traditional media houses did not have. Media has been a human rights defender as well as a voice of the people.

Since centuries in the past, media has been one of the sectors that has benefitted from changing technology. The media has gradually shifted from the characteristic newspapers to more modern forms such as television and internet. Television network has been a major player in this field since when it was discovered. The capability of the TV to provide audio visual signals has been a big boost in the news department. You can find this in the major US Television network history how the TV set has made this sector grows. TV has also not been the only development in this sector. Today, the television media has gone a step higher to become more digital and mobile as we can get it in our portable devices.

Major US television network history dates back to the days when you would have to wake up, march to the television set and change the channels. It was turning the channels by actually switching the knob clockwise or anticlockwise until you reached your preferred channel. Today, this has evolved to the era of using remote controls that let you change channels from the comfort of your seat.
Upgrade in technology has led to easier ways to access the media. Today, you don’t have to be at home for you to watch your favorite 6 PM news bulletin. With the current wave of technological devices such as laptops, Smartphones, iPads and newspapers you can get all the latest news from the media. These are things that didn’t exist in the past when you had to be home by the time when the news caster took the stage.

A brief visit to the major US television network history shows that in the past US media only relayed news that it collected from its reporters. This was a difficult since when you are supposed to collect news from all over the world, this means you have to be all over the world. Having such a large number of journalists stretching all over the world is definitely not an easy task as it involves a heavy expenditure. It also meant that means of transport had to be top notch and very fast. This was to ensure that you get to the scenes in time to cover them as they happened. However, today things are different as media houses can monitor news events through satellites up high in the sky from the comfort of their offices. This gives them a cutting edge ability to get information and events as they happen. It is thus possible for a US media house to monitor events in Afghanistan from a satellite without sending reporters to Afghan.

Development of new equipment has also been a boost to the US media. In the past, the available equipment were less reliable and the quality of the data they collected was low. However, this is no longer a problem today. Media houses are acquiring some new machinery that doesn’t compromise on quality. Moreover, these equipment are able to collect news from all over the world.

Major US Television Network history will confirm that the transition of media houses from traditional analogue houses to the modern tech savvy institution has not been a walk in the park. It has taken a really heavy investment in technology to reach this far.