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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why the Glenn Beck Show Was Cancelled

Do you still remember Glenn Beck or has he completely gone out of your memory? For a while, Glenn was the most talked-about personality on National Television. His success as a media figure was phenomenal. Glenn’s mugshots were shouting from almost every magazine in the country, while he kept representing a particular brand of funny and crazy. He had completely seized the Republican Party. Glenn’s unhinged and exciting conspiracy theories and immense hatred for the Obama administration were perfectly synchronized with what a major population of the United States was feeling. Even his books shot up sales, and the best seller list. Glenn’s show on Fox News received exceptional ratings, and almost every person in the country was talking about him.


Why Glenn Beck Show Was Cancelled?

Most people still have no idea why Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News was cancelled. Here’s a look at some possible circumstances surrounding the sudden cancellation of his show :

First of all, the ratings of the show dropped precipitously. Glenn’s show on Fox News had around 3 million viewers in January, 2010. In January, 2011, this number dropped to 1.8 million. Most of these viewers belonged to a younger demographic. This could have been the primary reason for cancelling the show.

According to the Press Release announcing the cancellation of Glenn’s show, the language stated that Beck will continue to develop many different television projects for Fox News Channel. Moreover, he will also be developing content for many other platform surrounding Fox News’ digital properties.

The Press Release from Fox News indicated many new developments. It sounded like the announcement when Dan Rather had to give up the anchor’s role at CBS News. If you give it some thought, it looks like the departure announcement for Walter Cronkite as well. Glenn Beck’s role at Fox News seem to be over.

After the Restoring Honor rally organized in Washington, over one-third of Glenn Beck’s audience was lost. This was a major setback for the show. Moreover, when Glenn called President Barack Obama a racist, there was a petition by to urge the consumers to completely boycott Glenn’s advertisers.

Due to this, over 400 Fox advertisers said they didn’t want any of their commercials on Glenn Beck’s show. This cost over $600,000 per week to Fox News. Ultimately, Fox News didn’t have any choice, but to cancel the show.

What Happened to Glenn After the Show was Cancelled?

When Glenn’s TV show was cancelled because of the advertiser unease, falling ratings and basic fact that even many people at Fox News thought he was kind of crazy, Beck didn’t accept defeat. He decided to just grow his media empire on his own. GBTV was meant to be the core of that empire. It is a subscription based, simplistic Internet Television service.

According to industry experts, this has been able to illustrate the tremendous power of television. The Television does not remain to be just a medium of communication or persuasion, but also acts as a medium of status conferral. There’s no doubt that many followers of Glenn will subscribe to this channel and pay for unlimited access to his website. Fans can easily subscribe to GBTV for just $4.95.

According to reports, even after the show was cancelled, fans have continued to listen to his radio show, and keep buying his best selling books. There’s no doubt that Glenn Beck continues to make millions of dollars every year. However, without a standard cable television show on one of the most popular networks in the country, he won’t be able to gather much attention from influential people. This has been a major setback for his career.

Even when his show gets extremely popular on the Internet, it won’t be the same as a television show on Fox News. With a show on Fox News, he was part of an elite club, and people couldn’t ignore him. It is also worth mentioning that although cable audiences were the most powerful, Beck always reached way more people through the radio than television.

It is important to understand that Glenn Beck would certainly miss his avid followers and fans on television. When it comes to being a media figure, it’s all about being in the limelight. With his show being cancelled on Fox News, no matter how many fans he’s able to retain, he won’t exist every second in the minds of the audiences.